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Hate & Love…… Everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about foster care and adoption. I HATE and LOVE it all at the same time! It is with out a doubt the most beautiful thing you will ever experience, but not without some of the hardest, darkest days all wrapped up in this big beautiful messy package. I love foster care because it SAVED my life, it saved my son’s life and continues to save many more. But I HATE how these precious children got there, I hate that foster care is something you survive and how the system is so very broken. But I believe in it, I believe it can CHANGE, I believe we keep fighting for these kids until there is no fight left, then we get up and fight some more just like they do everyday!

Foster & adoption peeps stay strong, we need you! I promise beauty will come from these ashes. Get help if you need it, PRAY, stay in community and educate! Check out the links below for more info.

Not every person is called to foster or adopt, but we are all called to do something! These children need every single one of us. Check out the links below to see where you can start now!



Facts about Foster Care:

~ Children enter foster care through no fault of their own. They are victims of child abuse, neglect and/or abandonment, they are removed from their homes because their birth family or guardian is unable to provide their basic needs.

~ There are over 100,000 children available for adoption through the U.S. foster care system

~ Tens of thousands of foster youth age out of the system each year with no place to call home

~ 45% percent of Americans believe children enter foster care because of a crime they committed

~ Adopting from foster care is affordable or sometimes free





Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

Focus on The Family/I care about orphans

Orphan Care Resources

TCU Institute of Child Development

Empowered to Connect



South Carolina/Charleston area:

Heartfelt Calling

Journey Together Ministries

Seacoast Church

East Cooper Baptist Church

SC Heart Gallery

Eagle Harbor Ranch

Windwood Family Services

SC Foster Parent Association