Writing a bio or about me page is about the most awkward thing you can do. I feel like I might as well add a great selfie to top it off! First off thank you for visiting my blog and I hope more than anything it’s a place of encouragement, information, and laughter! Up until now the only aspect I sent off into cyber world was my photography. It was safe, it was clean, and people liked it. But God has slowly through the years pushed me to expose all that He has done and I am ready to share that! I don’t claim to be some amazing writer, actually I’m pretty positive at times you will wish I had someone to edit these posts, but I have a story and an amazing one at that! So, come along with me as I talk about my life, my work, and all that goes down in this beautiful but crazy world of mine.


A little about me:

I love coffee and I have been known to cuss, if a movie was made about me it would be called “The Advocate”. I have an adorable nerdy husband that I have been married to for almost 17 years and 3 completely wacky but incredibly cute sons who range from 10-17! I never really thought I would have boys since I am about as girly as they come. God apparently had other plans and now I love living life like I’m in a frat house most days. Of my three precious boys one of them has life threatening food allergies, another has special needs including severe learning disabilities and our newest son whom we fostered then adopted came to us as a teenager through the foster care system. As you can see we are anything but a typical family, but a family formed from so much brokenness that you can only see Him as the reason this has all worked out into such a beautiful surprise.


The fancy stuff:

Nichole Johnson has spent over 19 years dedicating her life to work with at risk youth. A calling she received at only 14 years old, when she herself was an at risk youth. Nichole was left homeless at 12 years old when her biological parents went on the run from the law. During that time she lived in over 50 homes including in cars, before child protective services finally caught up with her. During her time in care Nichole had the amazing opportunity to share the stage with some of the country’s best Christian authors and speakers. She was able to share her story about being in foster care and a child abuse survivor with thousands around the country speaking at teen conferences, woman’s events and through radio spots. But her biggest reward was seeing hundreds of youth at these events come forward to start a relationship with the Jesus she met only a few short years earlier during the darkest days of her life. Nichole moved out of her foster parents home at 16 to attend Bible College in South Carolina. Since then she has helped start several ministries including a juvenile detention ministry, boys home outreach, foster care ministry, and even taught youth small groups. Nichole has served as an Gauradin Ad Litem, is a licensed foster parent and serves with a local non-profit Orphan Care Ministry running an outreach program to a boys home. Nichole is passionate about promoting foster care awareness and recruitment, especially concerning older youth, proper training & education. Nichole thinks she has won the lottery of life and lives in the most beautiful place in the country with her husband of 16 years and three amazing boys aged 10,13, & 17.