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So here I am in big scary cyber world! I have put a lot of of pressure on myself the last few months as I have been redoing this blog that the first post needed to be amazing! So amazing, it would grip you and you would want to read every post afterwards. The truth is it’s not and most posts won’t. I am no writer but my story is gripping enough to hopefully cover where my writing falls short. This blog represents me finally finding my VOICE something that has literally taken decades to do and I can’t 100% say I am there, but I am ready. I am ready to share with the world my story, God’s story, the incredible work he has done in my family, the experience and hard topics I have come across working with vulnerable children for the past almost 20 years and of course pretty pictures 🙂

One of the biggest losses in a foster child’s life is their voice! And I believe that can be said about any person who has experienced abuse or neglect. This week on Facebook a foster care magazine posted this question, “Because I was in foster care I can……” one of the responses was from a grown man who said, “Can enter a room and never be noticed.” Y’all he said it, right there hit the nail on the head. You become invisible, unnoticed, it’s how you survive. It’s the feeling of standing in a room screaming but no one hears you. It’s the feeling of standing on the side of the road bleeding and beaten desperately needing help but cars keep passing you. Sometimes cars of people you know and love, people who have said they love you, but they just keep on driving only a few even brave enough to make eye contact. Along this road I too lost my voice. The fear of rejection and how possibly people would view or treat me has kept me from sharing one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I hated the uncomfortable look I would get sometimes as I would share with people. I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, sometimes people have even cried and I sure as heck didn’t want that! The look of shock, or even empathy, then how would they judge me now? Some people have thought less of me and some more, I didn’t want either I just want to be me. But all along that was ME, my story is me and to truly know me is to know and understand my story and how God has transformed a girl no one wanted into His precious daughter. So come along with me as I have finally found my voice, be encouraged, be challenged and if you have lost your voice I hope you break those chains off and embrace this beautiful gift of a voice that we have all been given! 

THREE things to help someone find their voice:

  1. LISTEN: I know it sounds simple, but yes just listen. Really hear and respect what they have to say. Ask them about their story. Even if the first few times they say they don’t want to talk about it keep asking. When stories find the light, freedom can finally be released.
  2. Speak For Them: Advocate, advocate, advocate. Fight for the ones who have lost their voice and can’t fight for themselves right now.
  3. Encourage Them: Build them up in a way that they feel safe. Encourage them to be open to opportunities to use their voice. Assure them how important their experience is to the rest of us.