Monthly Archives: March 2011

First of all I want to say thank you to all my wonderful clients I had no idea!!! As in I had no idea how stressful it can be to plan your own session! Last year I came across the amazing talent of Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography based out of Orlando, FL and instantly fell in love with her work. After a quick inquiry I decided to hire her to come shoot a couple session for me and my husband’s 10th anniversary, and since she was already coming out I got her to do a family session as well! So you are talking about alot of outfits to pick out!

After months of shopping, checking out locations and going to the gym the day had finally come. It almost felt like I was getting ready for my wedding with all the anticipation. I lost a total of 77 pounds for the pictures, found the perfect feathered hair piece and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Kristen was awesome and I highly recommend her if you have an up coming wedding. I guess I shouldn’t be recommending other photographers but I just love our pictures that much, LOL Enjoy some of my favorites;)






NA Photography has been doing something a little new, headshots! All of a sudden I have had a ton of requests for headshots, and I love shooting them. So much of photography is spent running the backside of it. So for me it’s so exciting to hear about other people’s businesses and help them create the image they want to reflect in their own business! We all need them so why not get something that you really LOVE! I’ve created some new custom collections to meet the needs of a professional looking for a fun and updated image…….. contact me for all the details!