Monthly Archives: June 2010

I had the wonderful privilege to meet and photograph author Sue Duffy from Columbia, SC. Sue hired me to capture some updated head shots for the release of her new novel. You can check out her newly released book at One of my favorite parts of meeting clients is being able to photograph them in their own home. There is something so special and relaxing about being able to meet clients in their home and getting to know them a little better. During my visit to the Duffy home Sue’s husband showed me their hallway of old family photos. I love seeing those old black & whites, and knowing how much these images are cherished and loved! I truly believe you will never regret taking the time and investment to have gorgeous pictures of your family made, but only opposite. You never know who will love & cherish those photos in the future:)

I am sure you have seen this beautiful face all over my website and blog before. If not meet the beautiful miss Kala, she graduated from highschool a few weeks ago. I love this girl to pieces, she is like my baby sister, and I am so proud of her! Kala will be attending college in the fall in Charleston! Yay, I am so excited to have her near by I could just dance:) We had so much fun spending the weekend in Charleston and taking her senior pictures:) Enjoy the slideshow……….