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Can I say that sometimes I just love my job so much, I could just pinch myself! Well this was for sure one of those times! For the March Issue of Reach Out Columbia I had the privilege to shoot their cover story. This month’s article not only is fabulous but it is very near and dear to my heart! Growing up in foster care I can relate to some of the hardships these children face, and strongly believe that places like the Jubilee Academy can save a child’s life!

The article is about Columbia, South Carolina’s very own Blind Side story. Sandee Hensley founded Heartworks Ministry, an after school program for inner-city children, as well as Jubilee Academy which provides a safe, nurturing, Christian environment for inner city children. During her many years of  ministry God put in her path a young man named Todd McClintock. Through her years of dedication and mentoring she was able to help direct Todd who was recruited to SC very own Clemson  University! Since graduating from Clemson Todd McClintock is back in Columbia, and has joined the staff of Jubilee Academy as assistant head master! WOW, isn’t that just amazing…… I love to see how God works things in full circle. If you are in the Columbia area hurry and go grab yourself a magazine so you can read the rest of this amazing story!

And let me tell you, the day I visited Jubilee Academy for the shoot was such a wonderful experience. It was such a happy, and inviting place. And these children are absolutely darling, you would never have known you were walking into a school for inner city children who have come from backgrounds filled with gangs, drugs, abuse, sex and crime.

If you are interested in a session to benefit this ministry, or donating directly to them here is a list of some of there current needs………………>Vacuum Cleaners, Apple Computers, Tires for 3 vehicles, Chairs for classrooms, lunches including fruit daily, mini bus, , woodworking materials, tools, & gift cards. There is also a complete list and instructions for donating at

I have three big milestones to celebrate. First off Nichole Alexandra Photography is officially one year old:) Number 2 I am one week away from completing my amazing Beth Moore study. And third I  have hit the 25 pounds lost mark! Whooohoo! My little life challenge I started in January has been an amazing journey. I feel like every page I complete of my study and every pound I lose is revealing the real me!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since I started my business. WOW, what a crazy, exciting, amazing year it has been. I want to thank all my wonderful clients, friends, fans, and family for all your support and encouragement you have made my first year a true success.
For fun I am posting and image of some of my new favorite things that have helped make my new healthy lifestyle a reality.

1. Joining “The Biggest Loser” competition at my local gym Hampton Hill Athletic Club

2. Luna Bars for woman these things are really super good, perfect when you are super busy and packed with nutrition and protein, my fav is the white chocolate macadamia 🙂

3. Water,  I know it’s over rated but it really does help

4. Polar Heart Rate Monitor this thing rocks! I really love this thing and won’t exercise with out it. It tracks your heart rate, calories burned, it tells you when to speed it up or slow it down, and so much more:)

I have been dying to get on and blog about my most recent opportunity. For the month of February & March I was able to shoot the cover story for a local magazine here in Columbia called Reach Out Columbia! The February cover article was about an annual reach out motorcycle event and ride. Motorcycle groups and organizations came from all over to meet and ride together to the local Veteran’s Affairs Hospital to deliver gifts to the disabled veterans.

The weekend of the event I started losing my voice and the morning of the actual ride I woke up and couldn’t as much as make a peep! Losing my voice the day of the shoot/event created some obstacles especially with it already being so loud with the hogs:). This experience really made me step a little bit into my son Gabe’s world. It was so frustrating not being able to talk, or trying to but not being understood. It truly is a feeling of being trapped in your own body.My heart breaks for my son and all children who experience speech and neurological disorders. But I rejoice in the fact that my little guy despite his issues is the happiest 6 year old you’ve ever met!   It turned out to be a wonderful shoot and a great time, and such a blessing to see unexpected people giving back to our veterans who have given so much!