Monthly Archives: February 2010

Wow, is it February already? How in the world did that happen? I guess it feels like it is still the holiday season cause I only put away my Christmas tree about 2 weeks ago! LOL Yes, I am one of those, I like to hold on to the holidays for as long as I can.
With a new year brings lots of new things not only for Nichole Alexandra Photography but for me personally. I have decided this year will be my year! The year that I really embrace life and become the woman I know God has made me to be. I know you mom’s can understand where I am coming from. It’s like one day you wake up and realize where have I gone? I have been up to my elbows in diapers, the numerous doctor visits I have to take my son who has apraxia to every week, trying to figure out a way to rid our world of this thing called a peanut which could kill my son, and frankly all that really leaves no energy left for me.

In an attempt to be the new me, I have decided to start with two big things. The 1st one is I joined an intense Bible study at the local church we have been attending. It’ s called Breaking Free by Beth Moore and so far it is amazing I highly recommend it. The 2nd thing I have done is enter myself into a “Biggest Loser” weight loss competition at a really great gym in town. I am just so tickled about all these new changes!

So stay tuned as I update y’all on not only my photography, but on me & my new adventures:) On a fun note I have posted a few shots from my boys Christmas pictures, enjoy.