Monthly Archives: October 2009

When Megan first facebooked me about a couple session with her hubby I was so excited! Megan was one of those people that I knew would look fabulous in front of the camera, and whom I secretly hoped I would be able to photograph one day! As a photographer you sometimes meet or see complete strangers you would love to photograph, either for a certain look, or personality feature. There has been several times I would spot one of those people in public but from fear of looking like a crazy stalker I keep my mouth shut, even though I am dying inside with ideas of a cool modeling shoot:)

I had so much fun with Josh & Megan I told them during the shoot I felt like I was just following them around on a date! It was really hard for me to choose my favorites, a hot couple plus the most beautiful place ever, Charleston South Carolina makes for a photographer’s dream shoot:)

(Help Josh & Megan earn a free print 25 comments = 5×7, & 50 comments = 8×10)

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Yes, it’s true the new website is finally finished!!! A special thanks to all my wonderful clients & beautiful friends who make up the images of  And also a very special thanks to the wonderfully talented Cassie Curtis for allowing me to use her music on my site, you can check out her new album at . Also with the launching of my new site in a couple days I will be posting an awesome Holiday Mini Session Special so stay tuned!