Monthly Archives: August 2009

OK, so I ashamed to say I have really neglected my poor blog. I LOVE blogs, I read them all the time, stalk people through them- not really but it feels that way, & even lay in bed at night and write the most witty, best blog posts ever in my head. Then for some reason when I finally sit in front of the laptop nothing seems to flow! As part of my, “things I need to change” I hopefully will be blogging more often and have a little bit more interesting things to say:) Along with that, this Fall you will find a new look, new website, and new prices & products, so stay tuned!!!!

Now to DJ & Brandie, I was asked to do this session in the middle of having to pack up my entire house & move in only a week & half (more on that later), but because they are such an awesome couple I couldn’t dare turn them down! I first met DJ & Brandie in my Sunday school class. They are two people you just love to hang out with because they are always cracking up, and are truly great people! I had so much fun doing this session, even with it being July in the South, which is not fun.. I just love when a client really gets into a session, that’s what custom photography is all about! DJ & Brandie did exactly that, we were all able to meet before hand and have a consultation about clothing, locations, & specific looks which really made for an incredible shoot!                                                                              

(Family & Friends of DJ & Brandie leave your comments below & you’ll help them earn free prints:) 20=5×7,40=8×10)