Monthly Archives: May 2009

This is one of my best friends Kathy, over memorial weekend she delivered her little bundle of joy! I figured I’d better hurry up and get her pregnancy photos up before the baby ones:) So stay tuned to meet little baby “Georgia”:)

Last Saturday me & my new photographer buddy Heather had so much fun doing this bridal shoot! Heather has been so great to me and it is wonderful to have someone near by to talk shop with, my husband especially appreciates not having to hear about photography 24/7:), anyways you can ck out her site at:  Beth who modeled for us was one of Heather’s clients who got married last year. She was so much fun to work with and what a trooper she was as well. During the shoot she got a little sick then got completely rained on, and her poor dress got muddy, not to mention there were a ton of bugs out that day! Thanks Beth you were awesome and such a beautiful subject!

I LOVE Mother’s Day! It’s almost like a 2nd birthday, & since mine is December smashed in the middle of everyone else’s it always seems like a ripoff. Mother’s Day is that one beautiful day a year that losing my body & sanity among other things is all worth it! When I see those two little boys with their big cheesy smiles wake me up & say, “Happy Mama’s Day, I love you mommy” Wow, just melts my heart away! This mother’s day instead of listening to all the reasons I love being a mom, or all the reasons I love my boys, which  my goodness I do. Cause you know they really are the cutest little boys ever! They truly are my treasures, God’s greatest refining tools and the reason I strive everyday to not give up and be a better person. Instead I wanted to do a Mother’s day tribute to my good friend Gerry today. She too has 2 boys one of them even has curly hair like my Nick, however her boys all grown now:( I was very fortunate to visit with Gerry on my recent trip back to AZ late last year.

Gerry to me has played many roles in life in the last 15 years. She has been a dear friend, a mentor, a foster mom, a Christian influence, and a mother figure! Gerry is an extrodinary person one that I know was placed into my life straight from the hand of God. I met Gerry in Scottsdale, AZ when I was only 12 years old. Things worked out in a funny way for her to act as a temporary foster parent for a few weeks. When I went to stay with Gerry never in my life at that point had I been treated so good and so special! She put me in the master suite of her house with a huge bath tub surround by candles, that she said I could use at anytime. She took me to the store and bought me all my favorite foods and favorite shampoo. She let me lay around the house and talk on the phone, watch movies, and get all dressed up in her favorite jewelry, all without a suspicious eye, which is what I was used too. I loved my time with Gerry we spent  hours and hours everyday hanging out and talking. I remember one time asking her why she wasn’t watching me like a hawk and hiding all her stuff, and why she was being so nice to me? And I will never forget what she said,” honey you have done nothing wrong to get in this situation & why would I be treating you like a criminal, I love you because Jesus loves you” . Pushing away the tears as write this to tell you that It was that day I decided that  if being a Christian met being like Gerry than that is what I wanted. A decision that has forever molded my life. All these years later when the mere word mother can bring back some of the most crushing painful feelings one can have inside of them, it can also bring back some of the most loving joyful feelings as well. Through the years even though things didn’t work out for Gerry to adopt me she has never stopped being a part of my life, and when many parental figures have failed me, she has been their to help pick up the pieces. She has loved me, prayed for me, she has never forgotten a birthday or holiday, she has loved my boys and continues to shock the crap out of me with how big her heart really is! Gerry I love you, Thank you & Happy Mother’s Day!!! XOXOXO

This is one of my best friends Amy and her three beautiful kids! I did this mini session for Amy back in January, as a Valentine’s surprise for her to send to her husband in Iraq! I met Amy at Columbia International University almost 10 years ago! It’s hard to believe all the things we’ve been through, college, getting married, having kids, husbands being deployed & so on. Amy is an incredible gem that you don’t find to often, she is an amazing mom and an even better military wife, which is one tough job!  We both meet our military hunks while in college however she was the only one to get “the ring before spring”:)