Monthly Archives: April 2009

Yesterday I had so much fun meeting Lyndsey she is a senior at West Florence High in Florence, SC. Her and her mom were so much fun and I really enjoyed shooting her senior portraits. Lyndsey was great to work with she has a killer smile, and the camera just loved her! Good luck at USC…..GO GAMECOCKS!!!:)

(Family & Friends of Lyndsey as promised leave your comments below and you’ll score her a FREE print:) 20=5×7 & 40=8×10)

This is one of my favorite photo sessions ever, I just love Lexington, SC and of course my subject was incredible too. I have known Katya since she was in junior high now she is almost finished with college! It has been amazing to watch her grow into such a stunning woman. I first meet Katya at Ben Lippen School in Columbia, SC where she was a foreign exchange student from Ukraine. My hubby & I were the relief houseparents for her house. We have so many wonderful memories from that job. There were around 14 girls from all over the world in the house, which made for some interesting situations and lots of hormones! LOL  However every weekend was so much fun like a giant sleepover 🙂 we miss it & our girls. Hopefully one day we will be able to adopt and get our own little international girl 🙂 Katya was in town so we were able to catch up & of course I couldn’t resist a quick session:)

Today was just one of those Mondays, and during one of those Mondays I found out that there was a issue in my blog template that was not allowing anyone to contact me through my “E-mail Me” tab. So if you have recently e-mailed me through this tab, and I have not responded to you, actually if you have ever e-mailed me and I have not responded to you it is probably due to this issue. And I am sorry to report your e-mail is off in cyberspace somewhere. I apologize for any issues this has created, or any thoughts that I am one of “those” photographers who never gets back to anyone. If in the future you don’t hear from me please e-mail me directly at  🙂 As in the mood of being quite irritated with this I thought I would post one of my lovely lists of things that bug me as well as some pictures, cause ya know what’s a post without pics!

  • 1. Computer Issues, ( I could literaly throw the laptop out the window when this happens)
  • 2.  SPAM &  Pop-ups
  • 3.  People who eat food off there spoon but don’t eat it all
  • 4.  People who have a burned out head light, so they drive w/ their high beams on
  • 5. Opening a new DVD or CD, the excitement makes it so much worse
  • 6. Shipping charges, taxes, and all those fees on your phone bill
  • 7.  People who won’t let you walk across the street when it’s raining and they are in their car
  • 8. People who smoke right next to the playground or at children’s events
  • 9. Trashy Halloween costumes, I’m sorry lingurie + wings, doesn’t some how make it ok to where to the office party
  • 10. Backfat, how do you work that off anyways
  • 11. Stepping on something wet in my socks
  • 12.  When I run out of dipping sauce but still need to dip
  • 13. Dogs who keep sniffing you, where you don’t wan to be sniffed ……how embarrassing is that
  • 14.  When the drive through leaves it’s lights on but tells you it’s closed when you come through
  • 15. Snow, It’s nice to look at, but that’s where it ends for me:)

So in conclusion I have posted a couple images of my boys from January when in snowed here. Yes, it does snow in South Carolina, they even shut down the whole city for it:) You can notice these are the “looks” by boys give me when they are up to no good. LOL