Monthly Archives: February 2009

I LOVE this family so much! Aren’t they all just georgous! I had so much fun staying with my sister in Arizona and catching up, I miss those times when we would stay up for hours and watch movies, eat bad food w/out even gaining a pound, and giggle about the silly things in life, way before husbands and babies 🙂 LOL Thanks sis for putting me up while on my trip in AZ I had a fantasic time with you! I hope you love your pictures, I miss you:)

I am so excited my blog & new logo are finally finished! I feel like I have spent many a nights overloaded in code, color, design, and everything else that goes with getting this up and running. I have a ton of pictures to post dating back from Nov! Here’s beautiful Amy who just recently relocated to AZ. I was so thrilled I was able to visit her while on a trip to AZ to attend a reception back in November. We went out to one of my favorite spots as a teenager to get these shots. I loved going there to think about my life, and all the emotion and craziness that comes with being 15:) It’s amazing how things go full cirlce from this being my teenage hide-away spot to taking one of “my girls” in my teen group from church there over ten years later! God is good like that!