Monthly Archives: July 2008

I got an e-mail asking why in the world my blog wasn’t working and why you couldn’t leave me a comment on my last couple of posts. I told them I had no idea since I love comments why I would disable them. SO I just spent the last hour trying to figure it out, and I finally did thank goodness, I just hate my lack of computer skills! Well to add to that thought, there should be lots new stuff on here in the next few weeks! New logo, new look I hope and new shots from the wedding I did last week. Not to mention the house is almost done and we close on it next week:)

Here’s a couple pics of the boys this summer, I am way behind on their pics, but here’s Gabe after getting his tee-ball trophy and Nick at the beach! Still working on the wedding from this past weekend but should have a couple of shots posted soon!

Here’s a few pics from 4th of July weekend Bryan had to work most of it so we couldn’t go anywhere, so we just went to our neighbors, but the fireworks were awesome from her balcony! We also took the kidos swimming which Gabe loved and Nick not so much, I think he might be one of those inside brainiac types:) Enjoy……….

Can you say Joe Dirt?

The annual 4th of July cake of course!Nick liked it!

I got this new shock proof water proof camera and I just love it you can even take video under water:)

This storm ended our swim time……………

I LOVE photography so much and it’s amazing what a process it is. It’s exciting to see your pictures get better as time progresses and it’s even better when you nail your shot and get one of those portfolio worthy pictures:) But what’s even better than that for me is seeing a picture I shot framed and put up in someone’s home! As I was walking through someone’s house last week I couldn’t help but notice a picture I took earlier this year sitting on their desk. Just to think that something I did, someone liked so much they were willing to make the effort to have it framed & set up is such a satisfying thing. I just hope they enjoy their fav pics as much as I do!:)

Ok, so after 5 years of totally devoting myself to my children I decided it was time for some me time! A few weeks ago I spent a long weekend in Clearwater Flordia, and it was so amazing. I met my good friend Theresa from UT there and 2 of the teen girls from my small group I taught were already there vacationing so we all had an incredibly relaxing, silly chick vacation! I think this might turn into a once a year event! Here are some of the scenic shoots:)

Yes we even rented a convertible!
Egmont Key
Ruins at Egomnt Key

Egmont Key, we took a boat out here and went snorkeling!

View from our hotel

Another view from hotel

St. Petersburg Pier

St. Pete

Look it’s a dolphin!

Another view from hotel of the Gulf