Monthly Archives: May 2008

Here’s my wonderful husband Bryan, I am truly lucky to have him, he is so good to me! It’s amazing I was able to make such a good decision at such a young age, we were engaged when I was 17! I took this pictures for his work, he needed a portrait to put up of himself. I love how he looks as he is getting older, I can’t wait till he gets some grey:)

Just a few shots of the boys I thought I’de post, I love the last one ! Gabe was so excited to play tee ball he put on his uniform the night before and fell asleep in it.

This is my neighbor Joy, isn’t she a babe! She is the best neighbor and friend ever. We always have a blast together, she is one of the nicest, genuine people you will ever meet, a true Southern Belle. We had so much fun doing these shots just a few steps from where we live.