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It’s been almost a year since I last blogged! Yicks, I guess I have a lot to say but sometimes just struggle with what to write! Nichole Alexandra Photography had a wonderful year in 2012 the best yet, thanks to all my awesome clients! I made some big changes by specializing in High School Seniors, Maternity & Newborns! That was a huge move but the right one for me, I do occasionally do other things during my slow season, but for the most part my focus has been on those three subjects. That choice has made me a better and happier photographer:)
As I reflect on the last 12 months I have to share something that has been on my heart, and is also the reason I love photography. About a year ago I lost my mother, then less than 2 months later I lost someone who was not only like a mother to me but one of my best friends. I have never lost anyone close to me, before this I had only been to one funeral my whole life to support a friend. So this was something so completely new to me. Death is awful, losing a loved one just plain sucks! The pain, the mourning, suffering in silence while the rest of the world moves on. There’s no way to really describe it unless you have been through it. But I can tell you one thing, those precious pictures I had became everything to me. When all I had left were memories, being able to look at a smile or moment we had together brought the comfort I needed.
I love that photography, beautiful images give back way more than you could have ever expected. So when the question arises of why should you have portraits made, why should you take pictures and make that a priority? The answer is Because You Can! I’m not saying go run out, go into debt and hire the most expensive photographer you can, I don’t care if you go in your back yard with your iphone. Just DO IT! Actually what I always recommend is to hire the best photographer you can afford, and yes for a special occasion memory or every few years when your family is really changing splurge/save up and hire someone over the top! You won’t regret it 🙂 But for all those in between times just do it, take the time to document the ones you love, and mom’s that means you need to be in the pictures too! If you have someone who loves you, savor it, grab a hold of it and capture it. Life changes so quickly. Children grow up, people die, relationships change. But when they do and all you have left is that memory, it is absolutely amazing to be able to get lost in a picture that takes you back to that time. Here are some of my favorite images from the last 12 months. My hope for each one is that one day my clients will look at these and if even for a moment be taken back to the feelings they had with the ones they love!
The 1st one is my family portrait from last year by the amazing Heather Byrd! Words can’t express how much I LOVE this picture, or how much it means to me. Each one of these tells a story to me. A dad playing airplane w/ his little boy. Little brother curious about his 1st sibling in his mama’s belly. 1st time parents madly in love and thrilled about what they created! A sweet newborn being able to wear a gown passed down for generations. A young engaged couple, silly & sweet full of life 🙂 A High School senior with her parents the last family portrait as a “child” before she’s off to college to grow up. All of them so priceless!

I was so excited to book this session, not only is this couple completely sweet and gorgeous they are having identical twin boys!!!! I LOVE maternity sessions but I have to say I am just so excited to meet those 2 little boys this summer:) We had to reschedule due to some crazy carolina thunderstorms but when we did we ended up having the perfect southern evening:)

Also NEW to NA Photography are these awesome slideshows! Enjoy:)



First of all I want to say thank you to all my wonderful clients I had no idea!!! As in I had no idea how stressful it can be to plan your own session! Last year I came across the amazing talent of Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography based out of Orlando, FL and instantly fell in love with her work. After a quick inquiry I decided to hire her to come shoot a couple session for me and my husband’s 10th anniversary, and since she was already coming out I got her to do a family session as well! So you are talking about alot of outfits to pick out!

After months of shopping, checking out locations and going to the gym the day had finally come. It almost felt like I was getting ready for my wedding with all the anticipation. I lost a total of 77 pounds for the pictures, found the perfect feathered hair piece and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Kristen was awesome and I highly recommend her if you have an up coming wedding. I guess I shouldn’t be recommending other photographers but I just love our pictures that much, LOL Enjoy some of my favorites;)






Goodbye to 2010!!! I am so sad to see this year go. What an incredible year it has been. Yes, for my my business I have learned so much, and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people! But this year has been a truly transforming year for me personally. I can’t wait till slow season is upon us so I can take some time to catch up on my much needed blog. I have some awesome sessions to share, some personal victories and updates, as well as some very exciting news for 2011! So have a blessed New Year and stay tuned:)…………………….. Enjoy a few shots from some of my holiday sessions!

Happy Thanksgiving my faithful blog readers, I am so thankful for each one of you! It’s a warm year this year with an expected 75 degrees on turkey day and I can’t wait:) Here’s a few shots from a session I did last month at Folly Beach, SC. It’s just amazing when it’s warm enough to do a beach session at the end of October! I just totally loved this newlywed couple they were awesome and too cute! So enjoy and have a great holiday. I might be MIA for a couple of weeks, with this being the craziest time of year for my family. Today I counted and I have 40 days to celebrate Thanksgiving, all 4 of our birthdays, our anniversary 10 yrs yay:), Christmas, New years and in the middle of all that we are moving, but only down the street:)