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First of all I want to say thank you to all my wonderful clients I had no idea!!! As in I had no idea how stressful it can be to plan your own session! Last year I came across the amazing talent of Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography based out of Orlando, FL and instantly fell in love with her work. After a quick inquiry I decided to hire her to come shoot a couple session for me and my husband’s 10th anniversary, and since she was already coming out I got her to do a family session as well! So you are talking about alot of outfits to pick out!

After months of shopping, checking out locations and going to the gym the day had finally come. It almost felt like I was getting ready for my wedding with all the anticipation. I lost a total of 77 pounds for the pictures, found the perfect feathered hair piece and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Kristen was awesome and I highly recommend her if you have an up coming wedding. I guess I shouldn’t be recommending other photographers but I just love our pictures that much, LOL Enjoy some of my favorites;)






I am so excited to be apart of Images for a Cure again this year. Images for a Cure is an incredible charity where photographers from all over have joined together to donate 100% of their session fees for a select number of sessions to go towards breast cancer research! The amazing and talented photographer Kristen Weaver from Orlando FL made this all happen! Next month I get the privilege to meet Kristen when she flies out her to take our family portraits!!! YAY:)

So here’s the details from now until OCTOBER 31st you must BOOK & PAY for your session,  however you can book a date anywhere from now until the end of the year!. Sessions will be 30 min. & you will have 8-12 images in your gallery to choose from. 100% of session fees will be donated directly to the foundation. Session fees will be $100 for one person, or $150 for a family. NAP will also be offering some awesome deals on prints & products up to 50% off, which is a incredible value!!! So if you would love to be apart of this awesome cause and get some beautiful images then grab your mini session now!

Hello sweet October, aren’t you so excited? I know I am:) I have so much planned into these next few months I can hardly stand my excitement. Especially since moving to Charleston and all the fun fall activities they have going on here, plus I am a total pumpkin fanatic!!! It started with my first pregnancy and has never left me. I completely LOVE anything pumpkin, bread, pie, cheesecake, muffins, lattes, you name it’s all so yummy!

As the fall approaches, so does the end of the year which really makes me reflect. I have to admit now that I have really struggled with my blog, making time to write and figuring out what to write in it is a battle sometimes. So thank you all my faithful blog readers, thank you for reading, and writing me, I truly LOVE hearing from you! Lately I have been really bored not as in I have nothing to do, cause with a family, a business, and 2 very busy boys my plate is very full but personally. I have been just itching to do something new, creative, or different. SO, I have decided to start a new project I don’t have a creative name for it just yet, and I’m sure it’s been done before but I want to create a blog spotlight of extraordinary people who live among us! So once, a month or depending on how many I get I want to feature REAL people, with REAL stories right here! Along with lots of pretty pictures of course, it is still a photography blog right, LOL.

So, here’s the deal. If you have an amazing story about your  life, a miracle, a way that God had rescued you in a mighty way than I want to hear from YOU!!! Come spend an afternoon in beautiful Charleston, let me give you a FREE session, and write YOUR story! I believe we all have a story, so if you’re brave enough to share it on here, to bare your soul, to tell people how you have hurt, and how you have healed than I want to help you share it and document it:) I originally wanted to do this for teens/youth, but now I want to hear from anyone young old and in-between……………… SO, my dear if you’re still reading this and interested shoot me an e-mail with your info, and why you want your story to be told:) Can’t wait to hear from y’all……………………..nichole

PS Is that little girl not the cutest thing ever? Taken from her one year session:)

Here’s the scoop on this years 2010 Holiday Mini Sessions! There are only 10 spots available so book early to get the date you want:) And of course if you have any additional question feel free to contact me at . Can I just tell you how happy I am that fall is almost here!!!! YAY!

Is it me or did summer just totally slip by? It’s hard to believe only a few more weeks till back to school. I am excited for the fall to come since it is my favorite season, especially my first fall in Charleston, I can’t wait:) Though, I will miss the long careless days of the summer. I love sleeping in, road trips, and nothing beats a hot day like some ice cream and a movie!

I wanted to share Michelle’s bridal portraits that were for her May wedding. Michelle is just beautiful and was awesome in front of the camera. She really rocked these pictures, and I had a great time with her and her mom two the the nicest people you could meet!