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At the end of October we went on our family Vacation to Myrtle Beach. I really love going places off season I hate the crowds and am always in the mood to save money plus the beach is way better I think in the fall! We went for a whole week, and it was wonderful. I didn’t take out my fancy camera too many times cause I was to busy being lazy, but one day we ventured off to Huntington Beach State Park, it was 5 bucks to get in and I was hoping it would be worth it. It was an amazing beach, not as nice as the Bahamas of course, but very nice for the East Coast. The sand was super white and the ocean and sky were ever so blue, and the best part about it was because it was a park it was all un -touched w/ no hotels or houses anywhere. There was no one there at all that day which proved to be a good thing because at one point we looked at Gabe our oldest who decided the ocean was a good place to pee into! Here ya go:)

Right now I am hiding from my husband blogging, I didn’t finish editing the pictures of the boys I took last week so I felt compelled to atleaset post one blog, even though I am supposed to be Internet and blog free this week for our vacation! I am having an amazing time we are staying in Myrtle Beach. Every time I go to the beach I forget how much I love it! We live about an hour from here and I feel like the luckiest girl for that. I told hubby that if we can’t see signs leading to the beach we live to far inland! We will be here all week, and will have lots to edit and update when I return. Here’s a couple shots I got last month at Pawley’s Island when I came up and stayed with my friend Joy & her sister:)

Ok, so after 5 years of totally devoting myself to my children I decided it was time for some me time! A few weeks ago I spent a long weekend in Clearwater Flordia, and it was so amazing. I met my good friend Theresa from UT there and 2 of the teen girls from my small group I taught were already there vacationing so we all had an incredibly relaxing, silly chick vacation! I think this might turn into a once a year event! Here are some of the scenic shoots:)

Yes we even rented a convertible!
Egmont Key
Ruins at Egomnt Key

Egmont Key, we took a boat out here and went snorkeling!

View from our hotel

Another view from hotel

St. Petersburg Pier

St. Pete

Look it’s a dolphin!

Another view from hotel of the Gulf

Here are some of the actual people shots from my trip to Florida. I love these pictures I got of “my girls” I just love working with teenagers, these two were in my small group that I taught in UT for almost 4 years, they are growing up so fast and are the most amazing girls, I miss them all so much !



I’m such a dork!
The girls with Theresa she is my good friend and their new small group leader

Aren’t they adorable!

I need longer arms, got to love these shoots!